Arena of Heroes


Turn-based strategy and MOBA come together


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Arena of Heroes is an interesting mix of genres that combines gameplay tradition to MOBA games (like League of Legends or DOTA 2) with the tactical planning required in turn-based strategy games.

Like in all MOBA games, the objective of each round is to destroy the enemy's base. And you have to perform this task with a group of up to four heroes, who will be facing off against another group of four trying to take down your own base.

The main difference between Arena of Heroes and other games in the same genre is that your battles, instead of taking place in chaotic real time, are turn-based. That means that first you decide what move you want your hero to make, then its minions will move automatically - and then it's your opponent's turn.

When you play Arena of Heroes you'll have a minimum of four playable characters each week (two fixed and two rotating). And you can also buy access to additional characters, with 12 different ones available in all.

As you play and win battles, you'll also win money, gems, and fame, all of which you can use to improve your characters' abilities, making them more powerful so that they can participate in more intense battles.

Arena of Heroes is a fun genre hybrid that will satisfy fans of MOBA who want to try something new, as well as hardcore turn-based strategy players who are looking for a different angle.
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